‘Asar’ Playlist: Songs to Listen to on a Rainy Day (Or Whenever, Really)

Either you are a rain person or you’re not — there’s no in between.

I am not. I hate in when it rains, with Pokhara having such unpredictable changes in the weather. It’s all clear this minute, and then it starts pouring the next second. I hate that. Or at least, I used to. Now that I am in a place where it hardly rains, I think I kinda miss it. See kids, you gotta enjoy every moment and shall not take anything for granted. You should cherish every small thing that you have. Enough of that bullshit wisdom, eh?

Anyway, so let me tell you this fancy word I learned recently. It’s Pluviophile and guess what it means, somebody that loves rain. Oh, you knew it already? My bad.

What do you like to do when it rains? Have momo? What a surpirse! Never could have guessed that.


What else? Sleep? Listen to some music, may be? Now we’re talking. So I’ve got some recommendations for y’all to listen to while it’s raining outside. Some of these are like, “Dude, everybody knows”, while others might make you feel like, “Wth! It’s not even a rain song.” Here you go.

Jhari Pareko Din – Babin Pradhan

Ayyy! The 90s pop. I had got introduced to Babin Pradhan’s music by my eldest brother who has great taste in music. And I am glad he did.

Ye Jhari – Nabin K Bhattarai

Another classic hit. You cannot not love this song, man.

Jhari – Swoopna Suman

‘Jhari’ was the first track Swoopna Suman released off of his debut EP ‘Swoopna’ last year.

Jhari – Yabesh Thapa

2020 has been a wack year but at least it gave us Yabesh Thapa and his awesome music. The ‘Lakhau Hajarau’ hitmaker released ‘Jhari’ in March of this year.

Enjoying the playlist so far?


Jhari – Mc Flo

How about some hiphop now? You like that? So here’s ‘Jhari’ by one of the finest hiphop artists in Nepali rap scene.

Funtastic – Almoda

Of course, Almoda’s fun ‘Funstastic’ song had to make the list.

Simsime Pani – Rekha Shah

‘Simsime Pani’ might remind some of you teenagers of VTEN’s controversial song but I am talking about the original here. Um, well, the remix by the original creator Rekha Shah herself, to be more precise — the version she did in 2015. I don’t really dig the music video though.

Pani Paryo – Rohit John Chettri

Rohit J Chettri, y’all with the track from his ‘Bistarai’ album.

Pani Pani Bhayo – Nalina Chitrakar

Another mitho geet to grace the playlist. Pani pani bhayo mero mann pani by Nailna Chitrakar.

Asar – Bipul Chettri

At last but not least, everyone’s favorite. Must have been 2013 when I discovered Bipul Chettri’s music on SoundCloud. He had released ‘Wildfire’ first and then came up with ‘Asar’, if I’m correct. Such an amazing artist.

Well, that’s kinda it. I hope you enjoyed the songs. Let me know in the comment section below if I missed any song that should have been part of the playlist.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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