Here’s a Newari Song to Vibe to (Even If You Don’t Know the Language)

Need a new song to vibe to? We got you.

The only thing I can say in Newari is, Dhewa Maru ‘cos that’s always what’s up with me. I know nothing else about the language even though I do have some Newari friends (who, too, don’t really know the language. Ikr!) but damn, this new song makes me wanna learn it.

‘Maicha’ is a Newari song produced, written, composed and performed by Ujan Shakya with his band Emerge, consisting of Aman Bajracharya, Rohan Shakya and Sabir Tuladhar. And man, such a chill song it is. The song comes with a lyric video by Binish. Check it out.

Nice, right? In case you are wishing the band made Nepali songs; you are in for luck as they do have some amazing songs released already. Here.

Talented dudes!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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