Here’s a New Sajjan Raj Vaidya Song to Brighten Your Mood

I know, I know, the year 2020 is turning out to be worse than Baaghi 3 but god bless the musicians and artists who are still putting out good music that’s making it a little easier to forget for a bit what we are going through. The Friday morning (in Nepal), which would probably have been a yet another boring and lame ass morning otherwise, has been made a little special by Sajjan Raj Vaidya with his latest release.

The ‘Hawai Jahaaj’ singer-songwriter’s latest song is called ‘Phutki Jaaney Jovan’ Written, composed, produced and sung by Sajjan himself, the track has a sarangi sample performed by Shyam Nepali. The song comes with a portrait mode video with dozens of clips of people doing what they love, spending time with their families, dancing and smiling — reminding us to keep our spirits high no matter how bad everything is. This too shall pass.

This one will surely help brighten your mood.

Sajjan is based in the US where this covid situation is the worst with over 1.4 mil cases already. Stay safe, buddy. And thank you for this!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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