Tearjerker Mini Doc Shows the Real Damage Done by the Pandemic

Jholey’s new video starts on a happy note — the vibrant city, happy people and happening festivals. It might seem like it’s been forever since we had that life but it’s been less than three months, hard to believe.

Then the next moment, everything changes. Streets are empty, the markets that used to be full of people are now deserted. We are then introduced to a family of four. Not long ago, Gyan Bahadur Limbu and his wife were living a happy life with their two children. If being rich means being content, they sure were rich. The day labrorers weren’t earning a lot but they had enough to make sure their children were able to go to school and had enough to eat. But life had other plans.

Limbu’s wife got diagnosed with cancer few months back, leaving only him who would earn for the family. But worse was yet to come. Covid 19 came into existence, and the country-wide lockdown was imposed which simply meant — no work, no money, no food; all you’ve got is misery.

And that’s the story of hundred thousands of others who were relying on their daily wage in order to feed their family. With every passing day, it’s only getting worse.

The 15-minute video also introduces us to the people who are doing all they can to not just survive this pandemic, but to make sure others survive too. Prajwal Thapa Magar, better known as Jholey, wants you to know that it’s not time to be playing the blame game but to do what you can and make a difference a difference, however small it is.

While you’re complaining about not being able to go out and live a normal life, there are people who will be happy just to be alive when this is over.

Anyway, if you feel like doing something for the Limbu family, please donate whatever amount you can via esewa — 9823390406. And that’s also the phone number you can dial if you need to get in touch with Jholey.

Like the title of the video says, “Together we can.”


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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