American Idol: Arthur Gunn Makes the Top 10

And he has made it!

This might surely not come as a surprise that Dibesh Pokharel aka Arthur Gunn has made it into the top 10 on American Idol. The Sunday night (Monday morning in Nepal) episode revealed the eleven contestants, including one saved by the judges, who advanced to the next round.

Last week when the show returned for the first live show broadcasting from the homes of the contestants and judges, Arthur Gunn had performed Wynonie Harris’ “Lovin’ Machine” that received good comments from the judges. “From the beginning of that performance, you were definitely giving us such a vibe”, Katy Perry had commented.

“Your complete shyness is your secret weapon, you draw us in to where we think your gonna shut down and then all of sudden you just give it to us,” Lionel Richie had added.

“What is undeniable is your vocal quality and your vocal sound and your natural ability and once you really start understanding how potentially ginormous of a star you can be man, it’s just gonna be like a wildfire,” Luke Bryan had said.

The Top 10 were then chosen by the fans through voting.

Arthur Gunn took to social media to thank his fans, “Thank you everyone for supporting since the start, words won’t do justice for how much I appreciate this massive support from all around the world.”

“To be standing here and having your open ears towards me,it’s beyond any dreams. I have seen a lot of best musicians, artist, playing out in the streets, empty halls with few ears, and so on. I feel blessed for being able to sing for you all and have my voice heard. I’m excited to get on the road one of these days to perform and have good times with you all.”

The latest episode had him performing John Denver’s classic hit ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads’ with some reggae touch. Not to mention, the judges loved it.

“I felt so much more connected to that performance with you connecting with me, looking at the camera and working it, Arthur. It was amazing”, said Perry.

“So much of your vibe is Bob Marley and for you to take ‘Country Roads, Take Me Home’ and make it that reggae style; I think that performance really showcased you in a perfect way, bud. Great job”, commented Bryan.

“When you make John Denver song with a reggae twist on it and it’s all believable, my friend, it’s all the way to a hit record for you. I am telling you, I love what you did”, added Richie.

Louis Knight, Billy Joel, Allen Stone, Grace Leer, Johny West, Sophia James, just Sam, Dillon James and Francisco Martin are the other participants to have moved to Top 10; with Makayla Phillips who was saved by the judges, making it the Top 11.

The voting lines are now open again until 9 AM ET on Monday (6:45 PM on Monday in Nepal). You can’t vote from outside of the USA but there are ways, you know.

The latest season of ‘American Idol’ is third on the ABC network and 18th season overall. With his powerful performances so far, Arthur Gunn is already being hailed as one of the front runners this season.

Congratulations, Dibesh!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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