The Uglyz Release First New Music Video in Eight Years

Kina ho hajur ‘Aaudai Jadai Garnu Yo Jiwanma’ vanne ani aafai haraidine? Janata janna chahanchha.

Anyway, the good news is, The Uglyz have made a comeback after eight freaking years. Yeah, they did perform a new number titled ‘Ghar Jane’ during a studio jam that was released by Kripa Drishya Digital in 2015 but the band’s last official release ‘Khate’ came out in June 2011.

The fans had eagerly been waiting for the band — who gave us a number of hits including ‘Aaudai Jadai’, ‘Sathi’ and ‘Maya’ — to make a comeback. And well, better late than never, they are here with a new number.

So what took the band so long to come up with a new song together? “Distance. This project is a combination of people working from The UK, Germany, Australia and Nepal. Time played a major factor in this collaboration as we all live in different time zones”, said the frontman Sarun Tamrakar.

The new song’s called ‘Jau Na Jau’ and it features Kengal Mehar Shrestha on vocals. “She is a wonderful singer and she has so much talent. Her voice tone has certain sonic texture that we thought we could use in this collaboration”, Tamrakar further said.

“This is the band’s first studio collaboration, so we were not sure how it would come out – the process was definitely not as easy as it sounds but with persistence, we made it happen.”

The song written and composed by Sarun Tamrakar is mixed and mastered by Joshua Bholan. The music video that has Alize Biannic and Zoheb Shah is shot by Sanzip Rai and directed by Bizu Karmacharya.

Here you are.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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