Pokhara Ready to Host Party Nepal’s GRIND 4

Ever wondered what would have Fyre Festival looked like if it actually happened? Probably something like the ‘Grind’ parties.

The good folks at Party Nepal are back with their flagship event ‘Grind’ and it’s heading to Pokhara this year. The event had made a comeback after a six-year hiatus last year when it took place at Tiger Palace Resort in Bhairahawa.

Thank god, they aren’t going to make you wait for another six years. The fourth edition of the hottest pool party in Nepal is all set to take place at Mountain Glory Forest Resort & Spa in Dovilla this year.

“With the tagline of “Let’s get out of the box”, this party is designed to mobilize the biggest volume of domestic tourists. GRIND 4 is a quick escape for the young entrepreneurs, corporates and expats from Kathmandu. We believe, this will be the greatest quick getaway for all of us to forget the office desk and create new friendships with like minded people”, reads the press release of the event.

“The event features, pool party with Nepal’s top DJs, group games and activities, spa, yoga and gym. The fourth edition of the Grind will have chartered flights carrying the party crowd from Tribhuwan Intl Airport to Pokhara Airport then to the luxury boutique resort.”

The fun starts on Friday, the 20th of September and runs for 24 freaking hours. The price you gotta pay to join this exclusive party is 15,000 bucks if you’re a guy and for the ladies, the tickets are priced at just Rs. 12,000. What you get for that money is a one-way flight, accommodation, unlimited food and drinks along with an experience you will never forget.

What you need to do is call them. 01-4440203 is the number.

Pokhara is calling, where you at?


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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