Prashant Ezekiel Rai’s ‘Ko Haw Timi’, A TikTok Hit After Two Years of Release

One of the best things about TikTok is how it helps artistes to reach more audiences around the world. It’s amazing how the social media platform can revive an old classic or give the underrated songs the popularity they actually deserve. One such song that is a massive hit on the platform right now is Prashant Ezekiel Rai’s ‘Ko Haw Timi’.

The song, more particularly a line “Tara sundar chha sansaar bipana bhanda tyahi” from it, is a hit and is part of many travel videos. The audio has been used in over 35,000 TikTok videos and 8,000 Instagram reels already.


ढोरपाटन शिकार आरक्ष 🍀 रुकुम, बाग्लुङ्ग र म्याग्दी जिल्लाका केही भागमा यो शिकार आरक्ष फैलिएको छ । यस आरक्षमा ३२ प्रजातिका स्तनधारी जनावर पाइन्छन् । प्रमुख जनावर नाउर, झारल, थार र हिमाली भालु हुन् । यहाँ दुर्लभ एवं संरक्षित पंछीको सूचीमा परेका डाँफे, मुनाल, चिर लगायत १६४ प्रजातिका चराहरू पाइन्छन् । वन्यजन्तुको सदुपयोगका साथै संरक्षण होस् भन्ने हेतुले यस क्षेत्रलाई शिकार आरक्ष बनाइएको हो । आरक्षलाई सुनदह, सेङ, दोगाडी, बार्से, फागुने, सुर्तिबाङ र घुस्तुङ ७ ब्लकमा विभाजन गरी शिकार खेल्न दिने व्यवस्था मिलाइएको छ । यहाँ लिखित अनुमति लिएर तोकिएको समय र क्षेत्रमा तोकिएको जनावरको शिकार गर्न पाइन्छ । आरक्षमा व्यवस्थित शिकारको व्यवस्था मिलाइएका कारण राष्ट्रले विदेशी मुद्रा आर्जन गर्न पाएको छ भने स्थानीय स्तरमा पर्यटन विकास भएको छ । पेशेवर विदेशी शिकारीहरूका लागि यो आरक्ष एक प्रमुख गन्तव्यकै रूपमा रहेको छ । राष्ट्रिय निकुञ्ज तथा वन्यजन्तु संरक्षण विभागले समय समयमा शिकार गरिने मुख्य वन्यजन्तु नाउर र झारलको गणना तथा अनुगमन गरी वार्षिक कोटा निर्धारण गरी प्रतिस्पर्धाको आधारमा शिकार गराउने गरेको छ । यसरी शिकार गर्न दिइँदा कुनै जनावर अत्यन्त न्यून वा सखापै हुने अवस्था रहँदैन । साथै जनावरको संख्या अत्यधिक बढेर आफ्नै बासस्थानलाई नोक्सान पुर्‍याउने वा स्थानीय बालीनालीलाई अत्याधिक क्षति पुर्‍याउने परिस्थिति पनि उत्पन्न हुँदैन । #dhorpatan #dhorpatan_hunting_reserve_nepal #dhorpatanmuser🌱🥀 #baglung #baglungmuser #fyp #foryou #explore #tarasundarxasansar #trekkinginnepal #monsoonvibes #nepaltourismboard #wandererofnepal #maheshbohara

♬ Ko Haw Timi – Prashant ezekiel rai

The song by the Darjeeling singer-songwriter was release two and half years ago in September 2020; and it had around 900k views on YouTube until a month ago when the parts of the song started making rounds on TikTok and Instagram. The music video has almost doubled up the number of views since then, with 1.7 million views on YouTube as of now.

“It was very surprising”, answered Prashant when asked about the sudden popularity of the song. “I always wanted to take this song to as many people as possible but as an indie artist, I had very less ideas on marketing. It feels so good watching the song grow. I have always waited for this day and been working for it; so I am even more motivated to come up with more songs.”

Currently busy working on new songs and some music videos, he is scheduled for his first ever Nepal gig in Pokhara on May 6.

“We are working on a three-part music video series that we will try to release within April”, told Prashant who is extremely grateful to the content creators and viewers. “I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. It really means a lot to me and I will always try to come up with music that you will all love.”

Here’s your favorite, “Ka Haw Timi”.

“Huri Chalyo”, another beautiful number by the talented artiste.

And this one’s his latest single, “Sadhai Bhari”.

Find Prashant on YouTube and Instagram.


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