‘The Voice of Nepal’ Contestant Sings About Nirmala Pant’s Rape And Murder

It’s around 11 AM on Thursday, July 26th. Nirmala Pant, 13, is going to her friend’s place to do her homework. She leaves on her bicycle AND NEVER RETURNS. The next day, her body is found on a sugarcane field. The post-mortem report reveals that she was raped and then strangled.

Cut to now – three months later – hardly any development has been made in the investigation. And justice hasn’t been served.


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The 20th episode of The Voice of Nepal aired last night (Sunday) and as always, it was full of some amazing performances. But one performance that took the audience by surprise was of Tejendra Gandarva. The 28-year-old contestant from Bhojpur performed an original song titled ‘Ghatana’, written and composed by his coach Pramod Kharel, telling what happened to Nirmala.

Asurakshit chhori -cheli dina ani saanjha, paapi harulai jhundai deu tudikhel ko maajha“, he even appeals that the culprit(s) must be hanged till death.

Watch the emotional, heartbreaking, powerful performance here.

Watch the full episode HERE.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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