Himalaya Roadies Season 2, Episode 1 Recap: Chitwan Auditions

Himalaya Roadies has returned for a second season and the first episode premiered this week on Monday. Here’s a recap of the opening episode, Chitwan Auditions.

Spoilers ahead, so you know, if you haven’t watched the episode yet, this would be the right time. The episode that is now streaming on YouTube as well is currently trending number one on the video-sharing platform in Nepal (as of August 2nd).

The episode opens with the new host Animesh Shahi, last year’s runner-up, introducing audience to the show – making you wonder,” Yo! What happened to his voice? Why is he trying to sound like Laure?”


We saw an I-ain’t-gonna-talk-but-totally-win-this-shit Animesh in the first season of the reality show when he was a contestant; and now he is like I-am-totally-trying-to-sound-macho-nomatter-how-fake-it-sounds.

Giving him company is the winner himself, Saman Shrestha. He is okay.

And then the usual — roadie hopefuls running, screaming and competing with each other (for a Kitkat), trying to show how much energy they’ve got and all that stuff.


And then, of course, “Jo sukaile dincha malai rating 10 on 10“, the Set Wet commercial; followed by the entry of the three judges – Diya Maskey, Laure and Raymon Das Shrestha. “Jasle bike chadhyo, tesle life banayo”, says Maskey. Okay!


The first real competition the participants had to go through was the Group Discussion (GD) round. Around a dozen of participants made it through to the Personal Interview (PI) round.

The set for the PI round is pretty tight this season. It looks really good.


This was the first fellow to show up for the PI. He was okayish.


The first interesting character that the episode had was Men Kumari Ghale. She danced, and then she engaged in a verbal fight (which almost turned physical) with judge Maskey. Tough girl she is (or at least she looks like).


After some not-so-impressive contestants, came the winner of Battleground – Sagar Rizal who had directly made it to the PIs; and well, he sure is athletic af.


Then came some more contestants who cried, laughed, rapped — and most important of all, tried to impress the judges. It was then time for this guy to show up – Laba Ghimire, quite a character he was. He was made to put on a red underwear on the outside, and of course, there was a cape as well.


That’s definitely not all. He was then asked to give tutorial on how to put on a condom. No, no no, he didn’t put it on there; but on a banana.

The last contestant giving it a shot was Subha Sharma, who came in not so sober; yep, she had half a bottle of beer as she has “severe social anxiety.” She was there, as she wrote on her form, to meet her crush Raymon Das Shrestha. She totally had the ‘Visa Girl’ actor blushing all the way.


She gave a speech, she danced, she acted, and she impressed all the three judges and that is why the Bharatpur girl was one of the three contestants to be selected for the Roadies journey ahead; the other two being Men Kumari Ghale (Chitwan), Sagar Rijal (Biratnagar),

So sorry, condom guy. Better luck next time.

A new episode of Himalaya Roadies airs every Monday starting at 8 PM on Himalaya Television, followed by the BTS video at 9.

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