‘Kripaya’ Music Video: Yet Another Beautiful Song By Pahenlo Batti Muni

Here’s a feel-good song you need in your life.

Pahenlo Batti Muni have released their fourth music video.

‘Kripaya’ is the title of the latest song released by the Kathmandu-based band that has Bikram Bashyal and Pravesh Thapa Magar on guitars, Kush KC on bass, Luv Jung Chhetri on percussions and Rochak Dhakal on vocals. Having released ‘Bari Lai’ (2016), ‘Bichitra‘ (2017) and ‘Lori‘ (2017) previously; this one’s the fourth song off of their debut studio album. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Manzil Bikram KC; the music video for the song is shot by Nima Yonzon, and edited and directed by Ashish Dahal.

Here you are.

So good!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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