Pahenlo Batti Muni’s ‘Lori’ Is Your Lullaby For Tonight

You guys, Pahenlo Batti Muni are back!!

After releasing two beautiful songs ‘Bari Lai‘ and ‘Bichitra‘; Pahenlo Batti Muni have just dropped their third music video. Titled ‘Lori’, the song is actually as beautiful as a lori your mother used to sing to you before bed.

The band that has Bikram Bashyal on guitars, Kush KC on bass, Luv KC on percussion, Pravesh Thapa Magar on guitars, and Rochak Dahal on vocals; proves again why they are one of the most amazing Nepali indie bands. Their music is so genuine, organic and pleasing; you won’t even know when the 7-minute song ends.

The song recorded, mixed and mastered by Manzil Bikram KC has an equally beautiful music video produced by Kshitiz Matrai.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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