Here’s Your Chance To Travel Across Nepal For FREE! Apply Now.

Ever wished to travel across Nepal – being closer to nature, seeing the culture of various different communities, visiting places that you’ve only read about so far, and just enjoying the company of yourself? Duh! What a stupid question, right? Everyone dreams of doing that, but you don’t get to do whatever you dream of. Is that really true, though? What if we tell you that you just have to wish to travel and your wish will be granted? Pfft! Too good to be true. Well, not exactly?

It could actually happen, for real!

Solo Travel Nepal, a community of enthusiastic travelers, has been organizing the Solo Woman Travel Challenge for last three years. For the very first time, they’ve announced a similar challenge – not just for women, but also for men. Yay!!

It’s called Solo Expedition Nepal. Excited already? Here’s what it exactly about.

“Solo Expedition Nepal is all about being creative and adventurous in fulfilling your wanderlust. Applicants are required to fill an online form stating their travel plan for minimum 60 days, anywhere in Nepal and include at least 5 national parks, 3 lakes, celebrate 3 local festivals and experience 7 days of home-stay,” reads the press release.

As they said, all you need to do is plan your travels for at least 60 days – don’t forget to include all those requirements like 5 national parks, 3 lakes, etc. – and fill up a form online. Then you wait, with your fingers crossed.

The last date to submit your form is Tuesday, February 27th. And you’ll need to deposit Rs. 300 fee at any specified location to confirm your application.

“The organizers are looking for strong, charismatic, and enthusiastic youth who are seeking to compose their own journey, their own story! The approach is empowerment through SOLO TRAVEL – an introspective, experiential journey of courage and discovery”, the press release further reads.

So, what you y’all waiting for. GO, APPLY NOW!!

For further details, click HERE. To fill up the form online, click HERE.

Good luck!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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