Listen: Easitwelve’s ‘Easy Tales’ EP

Quite a number of dope Nepali rap albums and EPs have been released this year; one of them came from Easitwelve.

The Kathmandu based artist, who rose to fame through his Raw Barz rap battles against Uniq Poet and Laure, had later hosted the rap battle league. The Hotel Management graduate recently released his four-track album ‘Easy Tales’.

The opening track is called ‘Holy Sheet’, that he released earlier this year in August. It’s produced, mixed and mastered by nir3ana.

Titled ‘ABR’, short for ‘Agadi Badhi Rahanchhu’, the second song from the EP is produced, mixed and mastered by BLUE$.

‘IBDG’ (I’ve Been Doin’ Good), the third track, is mixed and mastered by BLUE$.

The last track from the EP, ‘BFADKW’ (Been Feelin’ A Different Kind of Way), was released last week. The beat is produced by nir3ana; and the track is mixed and mastered by BLUE$.

Simply put, ‘Easy Tales’ is 11 minutes of pure joy. Easitwelve has his own style and that’s what sets him apart from the rest of the rap artists.

Cover Photo Courtesy: ClassX Presentation/YouTube

Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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