New Music Video Featuring Sabin Karki ‘Beest’ & Dikshya Thakuri Is Here: Watch

Sabin Karki ‘Beest’ is back, you guys!

The former leader of the dance group ‘Cartoonz Crew’ had last appeared with the group in ‘Funtastic’ dance cover video. The Kathmandu based dancer has since then released some skits and dance covers, without the crew. He also appeared in a short film.

Beest is now back with a music video for an original song. The song titled ‘Viral Bhaidiyo’ is written, composed and sung by Manas Raj; and arranged by Uday Raj Poudel.

The music video conceptualized by Beest stars himself along with Dikshya Thakuri, Merry Khatri, Sabrina Gurung, Subham Bujel, Shankar Dhungana and Xiring Theeng. The video is shot by Sanjay Karki.

While the storyline of the video isn’t very new — guy meets a girl, falls for her, tries to impress her, dances with his squad, makes her smile, and finally impresses her — it still is very entertaining. There are quite a number of good dancers in Nepal but the kind of humor Beest mixes in his choreography sets him apart from the rest. That’s his USP, he makes his audience smile throughout the video.

And the star of this video is, of course, Dikshya. You might remember the cute Dhading girl from Step Up Dhading’s dance videos ‘Flash Mob – Gaatho, Paani Paryo and Siraima Sirbandi‘, ‘Bau-Baje Ko‘ and ‘Hijo Rati Timilai‘. Not only is she cute, she is an extremely graceful dancer.

“I’ll continue making dance videos and collaborate with various talented dancers. I will try my best to promote them well”, said Beest about his future plans. While he is also being approached by producers to act in their films, he says he is not yet ready for films, “I’ll take time. I need to work on myself more.”



Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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