Samriddhi Rai’s ‘Sammy Adventures’ Is Returning For A Second Season

In 2016, Samriddhi Rai gave Nepal its first ever adventure web series, Sammy Adventures. The 7-episode series took us on an adventurous and beautiful ride to Chitlang, Mustang, Jalbire, Bhotekoshi, Tanahu and the Everest region.

The ‘Prayas’ singer is now all set to make a comeback with the show’s second season and this time it’s going to be BIGGER, like literally, as there will be more episodes, that too of longer lengths.

There will be a number of changes this time; to start with – the web series will turn into a TV series. The second season, that will consist of 12 episodes, will be aired live on a national television channel. Each of the episode will be 20 to 22 minutes long.

“We have completed the 5-day Mardi Himal trek and I literally can’t feel my legs as I speak to you right now”, Samridhhi told NeoStuffs. “I’ve a new crew on board and they’re shocked as to how much effort all these adventures take to shoot. People keep saying how I have so much fun, which is true, but they don’t see the effort and the hard work. Yesterday, we had to walk 18 hours straight because of the heavy snowfall”, she further said.

“That is what adventure is after all. It’s not just going to pretty places and taking pictures. It is the spirit of overcoming obstacles like heat, cold or fatigue to finally be able to be close to the beauty of Nepal that we’re so blessed to have. I just want people all over the world and especially Nepalis to see the beauty of country through the show. I want them to feel ‘if Sammy made it, so can I’ and take their family and friends and go explore. That’s my mission.”

The first season was filmed to be more like YouTube vlogs, but it won’t be the same this time. Unlike the first season which was narrated in English, this season will have Samriddhi talking about the places and her experiences in Nepali. However, she does plan to produce another short videos of the same episodes in English as well, for the international audience on YouTube.

Samriddhi, who is travelling “from Far West to the East and from North to South of our precious, pretty country that we often miss out on appreciating as much as we should be”, has now headed to the west – Nepalgunj, Bardiya and Rara.

Wow! It already sounds like a lot of fun. We simply can’t wait to watch the show. For the time being, here are some of the photographs Samriddhi shared with us from her travels so far.


The first season of Sammy Adventures is streaming HERE. Be a part of Sammy’s Adventures on Instagram (@sammyadventuresdaily).



Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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