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Alright! If you raised your hands, we’re going to tell you something interesting. If you didn’t, well, wait until we tell you about it and then you might want to change your mind. Okay, who remembers the most happening Holi event of this year – Color Republic?


Yep! This one, that had DJ Edward Maya making you groove to his EDM music. M&S Events, the people behind the event, are now back with yet another happening event and this time it’s way bigger.

The company under the Movers and Shakers conglomerate that aims to introduce Nepal to the world as a destination that would fulfill the ‘once in a lifetime’ experiences travelers crave, through events; have now come up with a platform called ‘Imagine Nepal’.

So, what exactly is Imagine Nepal?

“Imagine, that you are on the brink of experiencing something that has never been explored before; that you are part of an expedition that dares to discover uncharted territories; that you are truly a part of a world without borders, in your mind, body and soul.”

Imagine Nepal is an unprecedented platform not seen by the likes of tourism & business is Imagine Nepal. It’s an one of a kind off-road 4WD (four wheel drive) event to the remote parts of Manang in Nepal, a land that is infamous since the olden times of the famous Silk route that can be dated back to 200 B.C.

The first edition of Imagine Nepal that is scheduled to take place in November this year will see at least 30 SUVs (Sports utility vehicle) cruising through the Kali-Gandaki valley and absorbing the wanderlust of Manang. These SUVs will be occupied by people who are from a business background and have proven their mettle in their respective sectors. There will be nationals, expatriates, diplomats and internationals taking part in this edition, all the while indulging in various ‘scenario-changing’ activities such as:

  • Golf Elevated 3450, the second highest Golf event in the world that will be taking place in the lap of the Annapurnas at the altitude of 3450m, Manang.
  • ‘Beat the clock’ at Kathmandu, taking laps on a rough track where the time taken will be compared amongst participants for a competition that will test off-road driving skills.
  • Corporate Karaoke at Timang, sing-off between participants to discover the vocal wonders of individuals known for business skills.
  • Storyteller, Inspirational stories to be shared that would highlight successes of individuals by exploring the personal struggles they might have had to undertake. Not to mention the poker games that would follow to test the sharpest of minds.
  • Cultural Encounter at Manang, a night that will showcase the cultural heritage of the ancient area of Manang with the participants taking part in the proceedings and encountering the delights of traditions that have passed down through generations.

And why Imagine Nepal?

The fact that a 4WD event as big as this has not traversed through the Nepalese terrain adds substance to the tagline, ‘the journey of a lifetime’. It is a challenge that will surely pump adrenaline into the veins, which is to be coupled with the stunning sceneries that Nepal’s terrain offers.

Wow!! Doesn’t that sound exciting already? To join or to know more about the event, you can visit the official website, or contact the organizers on Facebook or simply make a phone call to +977-9841181282.

Here’s the official poster.



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