Pokhara Is The #1 Destination For Budget Travelers, According To Forbes

Forbes recently published a list of ‘The 20 Best Value Cities For Budget Travelers’ and the Nepalese city Pokhara has topped the list. With the reference of the stats published by Price of Travel, a database of global travel costs, this is how Forbes compiled the list: “The list is based on a daily total of expenses that includes the cost of a dorm bed at a good and economical hostel, three budget meals, three cheap beers, two public transportation rides and one paid cultural attraction.”

With a daily total of $15.84, Pokhara is the most reasonable city for the travelers; followed by Vietnamese cities Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City with the daily budgets of $17.13 and $18.30 respectively. Nepalese capital Kathmandu ranks at 7 in the list with the daily budget of $19.76; falling behind Goa ($18.59 per day), Chiang Mai ($19.03 per day) and Vientiane ($19.68 per day).

Well, now you know where you need to be heading to for your next vacation!

[These figures are subject to exchange rates and the daily budgets mentioned in this post are based on May 4 exchange rates.]

Cover Photo: Jean-Marie Hullot, Wikimedia Commons



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