Blast From The Past: The Uglyz’s ‘Aaudai Jaadai’ With Sarun Tamrakar

Today, we shall be introducing a new segment under Music category and it’s called ‘Blast From The Past’ where we will be featuring some of the most loved songs from the past which still remain very special to all of us. These songs are close to our hearts not only because they are beautiful but some of our best memories are attached with them. We still keep listening to them because we try to relive those amazing moments which we miss dearly. Apart from featuring those wonderful songs, we will also be talking and sharing the experiences of the artists with that particular song. And honestly, one of the motives to start this segment is to make you feel old, like really old. *evil laugh*So, to open this segment we have The Uglyz‘s ‘Aaudai Jaadai’ from their debut album ‘Rush’. Don’t we all just love this song from 2005? It’s pretty hard to believe though that it’s already been over 11 years. Most of the band members live abroad but they do tour together once in a while. The band had toured around Nepal last year in February to mark the 10th anniversary of their first album. They recently even played in London last month.

Moving forward, we have the lead vocalist and frontman of the band, Sarun Tamrakar, talking about his experience and memories with this particular song. Let’s see what he has to say.

“When I first wrote this song at 3 AM in the morning I never expected it to change my life forever. It was an ordinary night when I couldn’t sleep so I grabbed my piano and started to play and this song came to my head. Back then we didn’t have iPhones or any other portable recording devices so if you came up with a song or melody, you would have to write musical notation or record on a cassette.

I didn’t know how to write music and I didn’t have a cassette player so I just played this song over and over again to memorise and prayed that I do not forget the tune. I literally memorised and slept with it. Even till today I follow the same process. I write a song and try to remember it again in few weeks. If I remember it, I continue to make a song and if not, I stop it.

Talking about ‘Aaudai Jaadai’, it is very simple and easy to listen to with simple words and I guess that is the beauty of this song. As we are talking about this particular song today, I have something else to say about it as well. There is a misunderstanding that this is copied from a Japanese song which I would like to clarify today. I originally wrote the music and borrowed lyrics in Japanese from a friend. Later with help of Jems Pradhan dai, we translated it to Nepali and titled Aaudai Jaadai. You can hear the Japanese version of this song titled ‘Khonnanimo’ on iTunes (click HERE). Both the versions belong to us and are part of ‘Rush’.

List of songs in the album
List of songs in the album

After the song was recorded, we gave it to FM stations but it did not receive much attention like we had hoped until the video hit the TV and rest is history.”

That was Sarun Tamrakar talking about one of the most popular songs of theirs. We expect you to comment below your memories with the song. For now, let’s hear the song one more time and let’s sing it together… “Timro nyano angaalo ko maya sandhai rahi rahos….”



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