12 Signs That Prove You’re Truly, Madly & Deeply In Love With Momos

There are two kinds of people – those who eat momos and the others who ‘worship’ them. Today we shall talk about 12 signs that differentiate the two kinds of people. If you can relate to all of these points below, then my friend; you are truly, madly and deeply in love with momos.


1. Whenever you hear someone say ‘momo’, you start salivating.

foodmandu 3

“Hya kina momo vanna parethiyo talai, mukh nai rasayo. Jaau hid khana jaam.”

2. You can have momos for breakfast, lunch and dinner; but still you can never get enough of it.”


Bajeko sekuwa, foodmandu
3. You have momos for ‘khaja’ at workplace every single day and you have started looking like a momo yourself, but who cares!

foodmandu 5

4. Whenever you visit a restaurant, the first thing you order, of course, is a plate of momos.

Royal Rolls

“Suruma ek plate momo lyai halnu ani baaki pachhi order garamla.”


5. Even the waiters of your regular restaurant know that you’re going to have momos even before you order anything.

foodmandu momo2

“Chicken momo lyaidiu sir?”

6. Any restaurant that doesn’t serve momos is a place to avoid.

foodmandu 6

“Ae teo restaurant, teo ta jhoor chha. Momo ni paidaina teya ta.”
7. Whenever it gets cold, the first thing you remember is ‘Jhol Momo’.

foodmandu jhol momo

“Aachhu! Kasto jado vako yaar. Takka jhol momo khana paaye aile.”


8. Just one plate of momos is never enough for you.

jhol momo foodmandu1
9. You can share anything with your friends but not momos from your plate.

foodmandu steam momo

“Hya, arko order gar na. Ma dinna.”


10. You know about all the places in town where they serve the most delicious momos.


“Teo restaurant ma chicken momo daami huncha, ani teo arkoma chahi paneer momo. Pork momo chahi teo wala ma babaal huncha yaar.”


11. When it comes to momos, you are the world’s most non-racist person ever as you don’t care what color or size it comes in; you just love them all.

foodmandu colorfool momos

12. And now finally, after seeing all these pictures of delicious momos; you’re already craving to have some even if you just had your meal.


Moral of the story: Screw everyone and everything else, momo is true love! Do comment below which is your favorite kind of momo. Nom nom!

Photos: Foodmandu

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