Contestant Makes Judges Dance To ‘Nira Jaile Risauni’ In German ‘Idol’: Watch

Quite a number of Nepali aspiring singers have taken part in various singing competitions abroad in recent years — Gavin Ksetri in The Voice in Finland, Suyog Ramdaam in X Factor in the UK and Mamita Setling aka Amazumi in De Nieuwe Lichting in Belgium are some of those who did. The newest name on the list is of Govinda Bhattarai.

Bhattarai recently auditioned in Germany’s version of popular reality television show Idol, Deustchland sucht den Superstar 2018 (DSDS). The 24-year-old performed two songs – a German song and ‘Say Something’ by A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera – in front of the four judges, musician/songwriter Dieter Bohlen, singers Ella Endlich and Carolin Niemczyk and music producer Mousse T.

We’ll not talk about his performances and would not tell you if he was able to make it through or not (yet); but we surely would talk about his another exciting performance, his dance. After he is done singing, Bhattarai shows his dance moves as he dances to ‘Nira Jaile Risauni’ song. He is then joined by Carolin and Ella.

Watch it here. The dancing part starts at 4:15.

The episode was aired on RTL last week.

Even though he didn’t make it, he did seem to have enjoyed himself. And that’s what matters the most. What a fun guy!

Photo and video courtesy of RTL.

Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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