Coke Studio Songs Featuring Nepali Artists That You Can Never Get Enough Of

Coke Studio, a music television series, that originally started in Pakistan in 2008 has now become an international franchise with various other countries adopting local versions. The show has been bringing to us a fusion of the diverse musical influences involving not only the local but international artists. And of course, some Nepali artists too have become a part of these shows — Coke Studio Pakistan and Coke Studio India.

Popular folk instrumental band Kutumba made their Coke Studio Pakistan debut in the sixth season that premiered in October 2013. The band collaborated with Pakistani singer Ayesha Omer in a song titled ‘Laage Re Nain’

‘Phoolko Aankhama’ hitmaker Ani Choying Drolma performed along with AR Rahman and Farah Siraj in the third season of the Indian version of the show, Coke Studio @ MTV, that premiered in August 2013.  Titled ‘Zariya’, this one is an absolute masterpiece.

Beautiful, right?

We really hope Coca Cola launches a Nepali version of this popular show in future. We do have Kripa Unplugged which is extremely good, but still, Coke Studio is on some other level.

Do leave a comment letting us know which one of these two songs do you love more.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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