Ladies, This Grant Will Help You Travel To Your Favorite Destination In Nepal For Free!

Isn’t it so obvious to see the pictures of your friends traveling to exciting places and wish you could visit those places too? Almost all of us have always wanted to take that elephant ride in middle of the jungle and see rhinos and even tigers from close in Chitwan or Bardia; take that trek to ABC or EBC that has always thrilled us, feel the earth of majestic Mustang under our feet, or see the magnificent Rara lake, or simply just take some days off and chill in beautiful Pokhara. But life’s not always fair and you just can’t have everything that you wish for. But wait, what if there actually was someone who could make it possible for you to live your dream? Wouldn’t that be the best thing ever? If you just screamed “Yaaaaaaaaaas”, read on, we’ve got something for you.

Nepali Travelers, a Kathmandu based travel initiative, is currently taking applications for Solo Woman Travel Challenge 2017. Let us break it down for you about what exactly this thing is: You’ll need to fill up a form online and tell them about a place in Nepal that you have never visited and would love to visit, tell them your itinerary, stuff you’ll be doing there and the amount you’ll need to make this trip possible — and you’re done. And then you just cross your fingers and hope you get selected.

In order to be eligible to be a part of the third edition of this open travel grant, you’ll need to be at least 18 years old Nepali female. “The Solo Woman Travel Challenge 2017 aims to encourage women travelers in Nepal to explore expansive natural landscape and diverse cultural heritages of the country”, Jason Shah of Nepali Travelers told NeoStuffs.

The applications can be submitted through April 5th. Along with all the information, you’ll also need to submit a travel photograph of yours that will then be posted on Facebook along with all the other participants’ photos for online voting from April 10th to 20th. Top 30 entries will be determined on the basis of highest number of votes online. The jury then will select top 15 entries by May 5th. The second round of online voting will be open from May 8th to 12th to determine ranking of the top 15 entries and on May 12th, the results will be announced.

“All the top 15 awardees receive a minimum grant of Rs. 15,000 each for their travels. Among them, the top 5 awardees are fully funded, with no upper limit to award money to travel anywhere in Nepal”, Shah added.

For further details about the challenge, click here. And to apply, click here. Following the Facebook event page is always a good idea to stay in the loop.

And you thought genies don’t exist. Pfft!

Good luck, ladies!

Cover Photo: Rishav

Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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