Two New Underrated Gems You Need to Check Out

Not all good songs and artists need to blow up, some of them can be our secret gems. Right? Two new songs got my attention this week and both of them are extremely underrated.

Less than a year ago, Ashina Pradhan dropped her debut music video. Titled ‘Fasting of My Heart’, the English song had a Ramuna Pun directed video. And now, for the second music video, the two collaborated again. This time a Nepali single, ‘Chahana’ is written, composed and performed by Ashina herself and the song also features Utsav Shrestha on vocals. Produced, mixed and mastered by Saswot Shrestha, the song has a music video starring Rajasi and Abhishek Pokhrel.

In over two weeks of release, the song has got less than seven thousand views with the subscribers count of less than 250 on Ashina’s channel. Her work definitely deserves a lot more, like really, really more.

Dewaj Thapa, on the other hand, has been making and releasing music for over five years. He released his debut EP called ‘Chinta’ in 2018, followed by another one titled ‘Ghar Mai Basna Ruchauchu’ this year. He has now released the first music video off of the EP now. ‘Laure Ko Chitthi’ is written, composed and performed by Dewaj; and the song is produced, mixed and mastered by the OG — Diwas Gurung. The music video starring Yangnim Angdembe, Preeya Thulung and Mikshang Limbu is directed by Abhishek Subedi.

Dewaj has less than 750 subscribers on his YouTube and his music video, released a week ago, hasn’t touched the 5 thousand mark yet. What’s going on, people? What happened to your taste for good music?

Both of these songs are good and so are the music videos — that totally deserve to reach more people. So yeah, if you like a song or an artist, the best way to support them is by sharing their work with others. Huncha? Good!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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