Nawaj Ansari’s ‘Vim Saboon’ Feat. Jhapali$h Gets an Animated Music Video

‘Vim Saboon’ is the most streamed track from Nawaj Ansari’s 2022 studio album ‘Hazaar Quitaab’. Released on YouTube in July last year, the audio has garnered over 2.2 mil views on the platform. And now, the song has an official music video.

The animated music video — a work of Khicha Studio — has two central characters, a boss and his worker who are not really very fond of each other. The boss, the character voiced by Nawaj Ansari, has taken upon himself to discipline his new worker, voiced by Jhapali$h, who btw is a bratty ass son of a political leader. His mother wanted to make something good out of him and that’s why the boss gets him to work his ass off to teach him a lesson. That’s pretty much the story — which is backed by the funny verses which are totally on point. This ‘Jungle Ko Bhoot’ duo never disappoints.

The beat is produced by Roni Dahal and the track is mixed by Nawaj himself while Jxxded has mastered it.

Here, enjoy!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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