Watch: Roundtable With Some of Nepal’s Finest Actors

Dayahang Rai, Arpan Thapa, Bipin Karki, Khagendra Lamichhane, Anup Baral and Bijay Baral are hands down some of the finest actors in Nepal right now; and well, while Deepak Raj Giri might not be up there on that level (acting skills wise) yet but you can’t deny the fact that he surely is one of the most successful ones with more success rate than the others.

So okay, there’s a new Actors Roundtable released by a new YouTube handle called Koligram that has got this crazy good lineup talking about the films that got released in the year 2079 BS (2022-23).

Big ups to the moderator, Yangesh, who conducted this entire thing so well. The actors talk about their experiences post the pandemic, what goes behind preparing for a character, their favorite works in the past year, film clashes, finances, piracy, effect of social media and many more.

While we are always ready to criticize our filmmakers and actors (me included) at every chance we get, we gotta appreciate the people who are keeping the film industry in Nepal alive — no matter how many times they fail. Obviously, it’s not the most profitable industry, with hardly approx five films making any profit in an entire year. But it’s not only about money, I guess; and there are actually folks who love the art form so much that they keep on doing it — no matter how much they gotta struggle to keep it going. Respect!

So yeah, you gotta watch this two-hour roundtable if you think you are a well-wisher of Nepali cinema (even if you are not a fan yet). I kinda dig their setup too. It looks good. They held this thing at Shilpee Theatre.

There’s gon be one with actresses; and another one with directors as well. So yep, totally looking forward to them too.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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