Nepal Rep Didn’t Make it Past First Round in MrBeast’s “Extreme Olympics”, Blame the Prize

Not even gonna talk about who MrBeast aka Jimy Donaldson is and what he does at this point because if you still don’t know him, you should just stopping paying your internet bills. Not worth it.

Arguably the biggest (individual) online content creator in the world, the YouTuber’s latest video is his version of the world’s biggest sport tournament, the Olympics — which he simply calls “Extreme Olympics” because you know, it’s not your regular games.

When announcing the video last week, MrBeast called this one his biggest video ever — because the sets were 2x bigger than his real life Squid Game video sets. The budget of this video was a whopping USD 4 mil. You read that right.

So, he got one subscriber from every country in the world (well, almost) to play the games and win the prize that’s worth USD 250k (which is like NPR 3.3 crore). The first game to be played was a version of hurdling, where they had to jump over the the obstacles and reach the finishing line before the doors got shut. That’s where over half of the participants, including Nepal rep, got eliminated — while 97 others making it to the next round.

Nepal was represented by this contestant. I don’t really have any of her details — not even her name (and clearly not a better picture).

But I feel like, if the prize was cash instead of a big ass gold medal that was worth over 3 crore; our girl would have fought hard. Everybody knows Nepali people don’t really have the best experience of getting gold to Nepal from abroad — if she had won and tried bringing home, it would turn into another kaanda for sure — and one is already in progress; so only one sunn kaanda at a time, please!

Jokes apart though, I know it can just be traded with money as MrBeast literally told the winner that he can “sell it for $250k tomorrow”, which I am sure they would arrange for.

It would have been great to see the Nepal rep move forward to next rounds; but that’s okay, I am sure she tried her best. I wonder though, MrBeast said he flew in the participants from their countries; but really? The accents of even the non-native English speakers sounded like they must have actually lived in the US for quite some years now. Most probably they just got people from all the countries who are already residing in the States; ’cause it would take forever to get all the people to the country — especially from the third world countries, who would have a hard time getting that visa.

No matter what, another great video. I know one thing for sure; decades from now, we will be flexing to our kids and grand kids that there was this content creator back in our day, who made better videos than now — you know, something like that. What a dude!

Another good thing, every participant got 2000 bucks each; that’s pretty much the amount most of our national players make in a year. Man, they should really be getting better wages.

Anyway, I am not gonna spoil who won this thing, you just watch it yourself.

Images: MrBeast/YouTube


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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