Comedy Club With Champions 2.0: Who Are These People? What Are They Even Doing?

An episode so bad, it makes ‘Mundre Ko Comedy Club’ look good.

When was the last time you watched something so bad, you had to take a painkiller for your headache? I mean, after Chhadke 2? For me, it was Shiwani — yeah, the same film that made a whopping Rs. 520 bucks at the box office last year, and was watched by five people at the theaters. But that was until last night, when I was feeling so brave that I put on the first episode of the show which I thought was the second season of Comedy Club With Champions. Gotta be honest here, even though that’s a heavily “inspired” show, it’s pretty good. The artists are funny and they actually make you laugh. But that was the first season — you know, the original one.

Not this one, whatever it isthis mess.

So, the first season was co-created by Key Entertainment and Three Productions and it had a good run until last month when the team decided to take a break. Good decision I would say ‘cos the audience would be hella excited for the second season if you have concluded the previous season on a good note. Also gives the team some time to breathe, and then come up with some fresh ideas.

But that didn’t really happen. Last week, the announcement for the return of the show was made with a short teaser. It looked kinda odd, though. It felt out of place, and now I know why.

So the folks at Key Entertainment just went ahead with the second season without collaborating with Three Productions people. And they’ve got an entirely new team — whoever those people are. From host to the artists to that person who sits there and laughs (I think they call them Adhyaksha or something) — so yeah, everyone is new and none of them is any good.

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The first episode is pretty much an hour of torture — with each character more annoying than the previous one. I feel bad for Rajesh Hamal, who was invited to be the guest. I mean, he has got such a great sense of humour; and he had to sit there and pretend to enjoy the show.

This episode was an absolute disaster and I doubt it’s gonna get any better. I know I am being too harsh on them, but they kinda deserve it, ngl. They should just consider this the pilot episode that failed miserably, and cancel it already. I am ready to wait for few months; man — I would wait for years for the original lineup to make a comeback than to see these people ruin the name. And why would they even call it Comedy Club with Champions? I mean, it made sense earlier as the comedians were the participants from Comedy Champions show; but this new lineup has got nothing to do with it.

I can keep this rant going on for at least 50,000 more words but there’s no point, just like this new show. So yeah, time to wrap it up for good (definitely talking about the show).

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Here’s the episode, you can see it for yourself if y’all are thinking I am exaggerating. Your loss, not mine!


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