Jaari’s 100-Day Run Feat Should Make Everyone in Film Fraternity (And Fans) Happy

Around 100 Nepali films are released on average every year — the number has decreased post the pandemic for sure — but anyway hardly five to eight percent of the films make profit. So you get the point, it’s extremely difficult for Nepali films to survive. I know it has been pretty much the same for many other foreign film industries as well in recent years but still they have better chances of recovering the investment through satellite and OTT deals — which is not really a thing for our films.

So it’s always good news when a Nepali film does well and it shouldn’t just make the team of that particular film happy but also the other members of the film fraternity as it gives them hope that people are still interested in watching the films at theaters — you just have to give them content that’s worth their time and hard earned money. They won’t be spending their money just for the sake of “supporting Nepali cinema.”

Anyway, one such good news for Nepali film fraternity and the fans is from ‘Jaari’ — the film that had hit the theaters on April 14th this year (Baisakh 1st) — has completed its 100-day run in some theaters in Nepal. I mean that’s huge, like really huge. In a time when it’s tough for a film to stay in the theaters for even a week due to lack of audiences, hitting a century is a big deal.

The film, produced by Ram Babu Gurung, has grossed over 17 crores in Nepal as per the reports by the Film Development Board. Starring Dayahang Rai and Miruna Magar in the leading roles; the film is written and directed by Upendra Subba. Not only in Nepali box office, but the film had managed to do really well overseas as well.

Great. How I wish the film could make it to Netflix. People around the world should know that Nepal can also make some good films too.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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