Just One Good Friend & You’re Gonna Be Okay, Tells The New Sajjan Raj Vaidya Music Video

You don’t need a whole lot of friends, you just need one — the one who’s gonna be there for you, no matter what happens — and you’re good, you’re gonna be okay. (Of course, you gotta be the one for them too.)

Sajjan Raj Vaidya’s new music video is a story of two friends who have got each other’s back — in ups and downs. Based on a concept and screenplay by Sajjan himself, the video starring Shishir Siwakoti, Dhruba (Sagar) Thapa, Arnab Ghimire and Pratik Hatuwal Panta is directed and edited by Breezendra.

Titled ‘Ujeli’, this song is the singer-songwriter’s fourth record this year; after ‘Hyatteri’, ‘Aaayen Ma’ and ‘Nothing in My Head Besides Timi’. Definitely a good year.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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