Sushant KC (Finally) Releases ‘Sarangi’ Music Video & It Stars Anna Sharma

You must have listened to the raw version of the song online; and if you are lucky, you might have heard him perform the song live at one of his concerts.

After years (literally) of waiting, the studio version of ‘Sarangi’ has finally been released. The song is written, composed and performed by Sushant KC; and it has been dropped with a music video that stars *drumroll* Anna Sharma.

While this is not the first music video together of the “rumored” couple as they were earlier seen together in ‘Harauna Deu’ MV last year; but this one feels much more intimate. It might be because it’s a solo song, or because they are the only two people seen on screen this time; but either way, this one’s more special for sure. It just looks more beautiful. Needless to say, they’ve got great chemistry; and for a change, it’s nice to see them dance together longer. Those TikTok dance videos are too short, I am telling you.

It’s obviously a good song; and adding more to the beauty of it is the music produced by Foeseal. And cherry on top is Kiran Nepali’s sarangi. So good!

The music video is a work of Top of the World Films, jointly conceptualized by Anup Sapkota and Anna Sharma. Directed by Gaurav Kumar Tamang; the VFX work on the video is done by Shadowmunky.

Final verdict: Beautiful song, lovely music video!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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