No, That Clip of Snoop Dogg Talking to Joe Rogan About Yama Buddha Ain’t Real

This is so foolish, this is not cool at all. If you call yourself a fan, you don’t do this to your idol.

I saw a clip on Facebook earlier that had Snoop Dogg talking about Yama Buddah on Joe Rogan’s podcast and I was like, “Seriously, guys?” It really had me shaking my head. Then later I found the same clip on TikTok as well, shared by multiple accounts — with a combined views of over 400k views.

First things first, it’s not real. That audio is not real, may be some AI shit. or something. Secondly, why in the world would you edit something like that?? Snoop Dogg is the GOAT — one of the finest rappers the world has seen; but YB was a legend too — at least in the Nepali and South Asian hiphop scene. Doctoring a video to look like a famous rapper talked about him won’t do any good but only ridicule his legacy. Let’s respect him and his work; we don’t need to fake anything. The true fans know what he did for the scene and we don’t need no gimmicks to acknowledge that.

If he were still here, may be the two would have collaborated already because that was one of YB’s dreams. He wanted to collaborate with more international artists. But what didn’t happen, didn’t happen. Like this conversation of Snoop Dogg and Joe Rogan, so don’t fall for this shit.

Let him rest in peace, man.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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