Some Bomb Beef is Going on Right Now & Fans Are Enjoying Explosive Diss Tracks

People almost thought Nasty lost this one but he bounced back with some heavy shit last night and showed us what he really means when he calls himself ‘Shaitan’.

If you call yourself a hiphop fan but aren’t following the scene in Nepal itself, are you even a hiphop fan, man? For real though, our scene might be small (for now) but it is good, like really good. And if you do follow the scene, you already know what I am talking about today — it’s the hottest beef that is going on right now and no, it doesn’t involve Manas Ghale. For some time, I expected that to go somewhere but it didn’t and was limited to social media comments only — and no diss tracks.

I mean dissing is an integral part of hiphop and if there ain’t no hot beef goin’ on, there ain’t no fun. But it should be limited to that only, though — just music and nothing in the streets.

So okay, our heroes and villains in this story are Nasty, Ease and Dong. I don’t know who the hero or the villain is, but every story got to have one, no? It had been some time comin’ as the rappers had been dissing and talking shit about each other for a while on social media, especially their Instagram live sessions.

On April 23, Dong released the music video for ‘Raavana‘, a track from his upcoming album ‘Pratibimba’. Produced by SNJV, the track had a line that said, “Niu khojna chahidaina niu (new?)” and that didn’t go down well with Nasty who had his song out called ‘Naya’ in October last year that had him spit with his homies from Eye Crown about “everything new” they’ve got or are gonna get.

Last month on May 31, Dong released another track from the album. Titled ‘Luki Rakh’, he fired shots at Nasty as he spit, “Ta jasto naami banne chaina soch pani, bheda haruko raja banne chhaina sokh pani, dai ko naam liyera garnu chaina moj pani, naam matra rapper live basne tero nokari.” So how was it directed at Nasty? He goes live on Instagram quite a lot, at least more than most of the other rappers. That bheda line was for his crew at Eye Crown and dai here is Yama Buddha as he was close to the emcee and talks and raps quite a lot about him. He was also the producer of YB’s last album ‘Khatra‘.

And then earlier this month on June 5, Slim Boss collaborated with Nasty to bring out ‘Sodh Haamro Baarey’ where latter straight up fuelled the beef with Dong as he rapped, “Haami chahi hero real life ma, tero juni simit mero live ma
nihu khojna chahidaina new re talai, niurera dhogna aaija line ma, rap kamjor tero made in China.

“Gayera raavan lai vandey yaha raam aacha,
Tero dasai ota gaala ma yaha daam lagcha

And that was it, and as they say, the rest is history. The next six days gave us some of the most explosive diss tracks in Nepali hiphop.

Dong dropped ‘Drillshot’ on Sunday, June 6 and it was full of punchlines directed at Nasty along with replies to some of his lines.

Vetera heram aamne samne kasle kaslai garne cha jiu,
Kasko galama basne cha hue

“Ta sanga chaina tarika, malai kaamko bare nasika”

Ta mero chora hainas vatija
Antar dekhauna Abhishek lai,
Dhaaran gare rup Amitabh

Nasty’s real name is Abhishek, just a side note for that line.

“Etro barsa kei khyasinas,
Ease ko geet sunesi thaha vayo,
Ta muji kati ko pakhey chhas
Real life ma ta hero , khatey?
Grammy tayar cha talai shirupatey

Mao Zedong ma China ko

On same day, Nasty dropped a track as well. Titled ‘Khop’, it had sneak disses for both Dong, and Ease (with whom he have had a beef for quite a long time).

Ta chahi bheda, haami GOAT

Mamba ma talai bish,
beef ley talai eees (ease?) cha

Kaka vandaima jogidainas,
Bhatij ajhai pani ta jokhim mai chhas

The next day, it was Ease’s turn.

He dropped ‘DISStress, produced by Breeze’, on June 7.

“Chhaina koi rokne malai,
Malai chuttai rakhchan jastai rog lera aaye.
Yiniharu khop dina lai, malai sickness hatauna dose dina aaye”

Aruko chusne jukka afulai vancha mamba,
Ma rap ko Gabbar, tero fucche Sambaa,
Ta chei Sholay ko Thakur,
Scene bidesh pugauna tero haath hunna.”

Net ko pussy haru bahira baagh hunna,
Banda garey tero engine start hunna

Talai afu goat lagcha vane boka kaatchu ma,
Internet ko beef haina bhai ghoda taanchu ma

Sala photocopy, ta black and white,
Keta haru dajcha fashion ra passion lai,
Eyeing on the crown, singhasan bhai
Yaad gar lil buddhi ko haalat lai.

June 8 went on without any killings and murders. The parties invovled were probably cleaning and getting their weapons ready. Following day, June 9 witnessed another bombings in the form of Dong’s ‘Endshot’ and Ease’ ‘Antim Sujhab’.

The beat for Endshot is produced by Storenutter and RollerX and the 3-minute track was aimed to destroy Nasty.

Luki rakh sune pachhi ghar gayera luk ja,
Tero khop ko verse mero ek hook ma

Sun bhai bane huncha sakahari,
Majja ayena tero beef khayera

Mero fans mero wari pari chha,
Krantikari keta haru pani chha,
Tero keta haru bhan kaha chha,
Ramey lage huncha ban-baas,
Chhirna sakdainas mero Lanka ta.

The destruction was further added when Ease dropped ‘Antim Sujhab’ within an hour of Endshot’s release.

‘Antim Sujhab’, like the title suggests, was the last advice– or more like the last warning — to Nasty.

Jhuttai ko beef chhordey sambhaal aafno life lai,
Tara ajhai diss garis vaney career sacrifice

As this point, I was like, Nasty ain’t got this, this time. The damage is too brutal and it would be hard to recover. Man, I was so fuckin’ wrong.

On June 10, he put out ‘Unwritten’, an eight-minute three-part track with three different beats produced by B Beats, Kasino, RockteeBeats. And man, this shit slaps. I mean, no matter if you’re a Dong or Ease fan/supporter and hate Nasty so much; but you still cannot not like this thing he dropped. This has to be one of the finest diss tracks in Nepali hiphop. It is full of bars.

I could fight you both, I don’t like you both,
UNIQ knows, like a big bolt of thunder, I could strike you both
Ani, sun, Grammy auney gaff haina
Jati khokey pani hami jati huna sakdainas.”

“Aba banbaas haina, bitch, I been in the jungle,
You’ll never see me be humble ,
I’m just receiving the numbers ,
You’ll never see me just stumble,
They’re like, “ease is easy” I’m like, “is he the dumbest, bitch?”
Feri badi bolna ayo ko thees?
Sabai jana ko fitalo kosis Bhandim sablai Ekadesh ma ko thiyis?
Yama Dai ko CD jungle ma jalaune ko? Ease
We used to burn CDs, you used to burn CDs
Get it? Burn CDs

Mero keta haru chill, jaile saath mai,
Taile malai bhetna pauney matra ghaat mai ,
Sarpa haina, sab le pujney, ma ho naag bhai
Laxman-rekha thyakka yaha, yeslai na naag hai.”

Ta jati bol, last ma jaile jitcchu kaam le,
Ta jasto das jana dhaal-dinchhu aaram le,
Tero saato jaancha geet ma mero naam le
Ramayan padh, last ma jaile jitchha Ram le

Wonder who’s winning this thing? Hiphop.

I am not sure if there’s gonna be more as Dong already called it ‘Endshot’ and Ease had his ‘Antim Sujhaab’ already but this beef is gonna be remembered for a long time. Keep doing’ your thing, guys.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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