Dumb Charades: Didn’t know guessing Nepali songs would be this fun!

Guys, how’s everything? Hope y’all are doing okay. Just hang in there.

So anyway, what are some things that are helping you ease the lockdown blues? Have you been spending a lot of time on Clubhouse? Some rooms and the participants there are really great, aren’t they? Like I was in this room the other day where they were talking about the importance of public speaking and dude, there were some really impressive intellectuals who were worth listening to for hours. What else? Watched the new season of Family Man yet? It’s really good.

Also, I came across this new video on YouTube recently that I enjoyed. It’s a work of Milan Thapa with his team in Boston that includes Bishal Suwal, Shailendra Singh Mac, Prayush Rayamajhi and Ujjwal Dhaubhadel. Their channel is called Newchi TV and they have been producing some fun videos. Their latest video has Jescika Simkhada, Ajashra Pandey, Shamagra Pandey, Sajana Rimal and Razeen Gurung who are playing dumb charades — guessing Nepali songs.

I am impressed how they make it look kinda easy. I mean, I would hardly get any of those; and definitely not ‘Gedai Jasto Jindagi’. That’s so evil, btw. How are you even supposed to act it out? Haha.

Here, enjoy this.

Next time, just give that guy ‘Kutuma Kutu’.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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