Ordeal: Manas Ghale Drops New Song with Bartika Eam Rai

Here’s the unexpected collab you didn’t know you needed in life.

YB would have turned 34 today. And on his birth anniversary, Manas Ghale dropped a new track called ‘Ordeal’ and while some fans might think it’s about him the Nepsydaz rapper is spitting about, Loorey made it clear he’s not. “Happy birthday yama, i hope you hear my new song, but its not about you though, firi these people will think im cloust chasing lol … i love u bhai .. we all miss you ..”, he wrote on his Facebook handle. [sic]

The 2-verse song has its lyrics written in the description of its YouTube video and the first verse is mentioned to be of Manas, who seems to be losing it. “Fuck the world, lemme ignite this hydro; ‘fore I go psycho, and overdose like Michael; Let me survive bro or I’mma go suicidal; feeling dead like my idols,” he raps. Whereas, the second verse that comes from ‘Loorey’, the rapper’s alter ego, is an effort to convince him to not quite as he raps, “Pain is temporary, you know this; Happiness is at your doorsteps, so don’t ignore it; It’s up to you to focus on these moments; For your mom, for your dad, for your friends and yourself; Please don’t quit, homie, please don’t quit.”

The biggest surprise is Bartika Eam Rai who has done the chorus. The track produced by DJ AJ has Ashish Maharjan on flutes. The track is a part of Manas Ghale’s album ‘Keraisiti Collabs Vol. I’ so you sure can expect some other lit collaborations soon.

The rapper has recently been engaged in a diss war (well, kinda) with some younger rappers after he put out a track called ‘Bhaicott‘ earlier this month. Without taking any names, he had thrown some shots at rappers from East and it seemed like there are going to be some explosive diss tracks but that didn’t really happen (correct me if I am wrong) and it mostly remained a text/comment kinda battle.

On the other hand, some good news, Bartika graduated Masters in Accounting from Cornell University today. She broke the news on her personal Facebook handle. Congraulations, you hella talented girl.

Rest in peace, YB!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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