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Frustrating times, man. Frustrating times. The world was pretty much messed up already and then entered this covid thing that made it even worse. It seems like a nightmare that you wanna wake up from to make everything go away but it’s not, it’s real and it’s happening right now.

You’re on the internet and all you see is how the situation is getting out of control. You sit with your family or talk to your friends and all you hear about is how someone you know is in a critical condition or even worse, has died already. And there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s like we are living inside a disaster movie that keeps going on and on while we wait for a happy ending.

It’s true we can’t do much to make the situation better but we can at least try to do our part. There have been various groups of good samaritans who are working towards helping the people in need during this need of hour and one of them, that I have been extremely inspired from, is Hami Nepal. Headed by Sudan Gurung and Bidhan Shrestha, the group has been on ground zero — working tirelessly doing everything possible to bring all the necessary equipments to Nepal and distribute them all across the nation, where they are needed the most.

The group’s latest achievement is “being the first organization in Nepal to import oxygen cylinders through chartered flight” that landed on Thursday. These 520 cylinders are donated by Shanker Group and Infinity Holdings; and the government helped with airlifting those to Nepal. Among these, 270 cylinders have been sent to far west, 100 to Karnali and 50 to Doti while the remaining 100 have been given to the armed police force.

The group has also been actively working on ground level with many volunteers mobilized in various hospitals where they have been helping both the management and the patients.

So how can you be part of this noble cause?

The team is constantly in need of volunteers to carry out various activities and tasks. A couple of days back, they were looking for volunteers who live near various hospitals and can visit the hospital thrice a day to get the latest updates on beds and ICUs available as the info might save time for various patients who are in dire need. They were also looking for volunteers to help the COVID helpline call centers.

There’s always something that you might be able to help with. Connect with the team on Instagram and let them know who you are and how you might be of assitance. You can also connect them with organizations and people you know that might help.

Then there’s always the financial part that you can help with. No amount is small and every single rupee counts; so donate whatever amount you can and it will be assisting in saving a precious life in some way. There are multiple options to make a donation. Find the details below.

And if you’re out of country, here’s the gofundme link.

The group’s next big goal is to fundraise Rs. 1.5 crore that will be used to purbchase an oxygen plant and oxygen concentratros among other healthcare services.

It’s understandable if you can’t help financially, most of us are going through a tough time after all. You can still help by spreading the word — you never know, there can be someone in your friend circle that might be able to help.

Everybody’s trying to do their bit to help and it’s great to see some of our artistes doing the same. Albatross are donating the earnings from the sales of their single ‘Suchana! Suchana!! Suchana!!!’on streaming platform Noodle. And on the other hand, Bartika Eam Rai and Diwas Gurung are performing live on Instagram to fundraise. All of them are donating to Hami Nepal.

I first found out about Sudan Gurung in 2015 when I saw a short clip of him addressing his volunteers in Bir Hospital (if I remember correctly). The team was going somewhere to help the earthquake victims and he said something like, “Hamile jaslai bhetchau uslai help garne ho, sablai help garne ho” (We will help everyone we find in need) and that line has stuck with me all these years. How many videos have I seen on social media in these six years? Probably a couple of thousand clips at least. And how many of them do I remember? Probably a dozen or two, that too, if I think too hard. But Sudan’s that motivating speech has remained with me all these years, and back when I saw it, I was immediately like, “Damn! Who is this guy?”

His team had done a lot back then and they are doing it all over again now — going out there without giving it a second thought to save lives, LITERALLY!

It’s not necessary, though, that you donate to Hami Nepal only; there are other groups as well that are doing some phenomenal works as well – there’s Rabi Lamichhane’s team, Mahabir Pun and his National Innovation Center are doing wonders, Dhurmus Suntali are doing their part and a number of others. Just make sure your donation helps someone in need and do your part.

We are gonna get through this. Stay safe!



Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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