Nepal’s National Costumes at Miss Universe Over the Years

Nepal is competing in the 69th edition of Miss Universe in Florida right now and like previous years, our National Costume this year, too, was pretty unique. Let’s take a look at all of our National Costumes that have been showcased in the presitigious pageant so far.


The year when it all started. Nepal made its big debut this year with Nagma Shrestha becoming the first ever Miss Universe Nepal.

She reprsented the nation in Las Vegas in the 66th edition of the competition. For her National Costume segment, she had a seven-pound Mandala as her headgear, a work of Vijay Maharjan; along with the costume designed by Bina Ghale. “The mandala holds the mantra for prosperity, happiness, positive energy and peace for the Universe. A Newari art portrayal of tantric meditation displaying the spiritual path humans take on their journey to nirvana”, Shrestha had explained.


Following year, it was Manita Devkota who became Nagma’s successor.

Manita was part of the compeition in the 68th edition of the Miss Universe pageant that took place in Bangkok. She is so far the most successful Miss Universe Nepal, having placed in the Top 10 in the competition.

“A gorgeous sarong-like dress in silvery white color with eye-catching embroidery of pearls and white-golden beads – this costume is themed from the ensemble of Goddess Avalokitesvara. It is believed that Goddess Avalokitesvara observe or gazes down at the world to relieve the suffering of others, protect people from danger, and grant blessings to children”, she had described her national costume. “She is the perfect picture of grace, calm, forgiveness and power. Her limitless wisdom and compassion of deep kindness with sympathy reflects her pure soul. She guards the world in the interval between the departure of the historical Buddha and the appearance of the future Buddha.⁣”


Nepal’s third Miss Universe bet was Pradeepta Adhikari.

Pradeepta turned Vajrayogini, a female Buddhist diety, for the National Costume round in 2019 that took place in Atlanta. “She is manifestation of all Buddhas wisdom of clear light with one face, two arms and red colored body. Her red-colored body symbolizes the blazing of her tummo (candali) or ‘inner fire’ of spiritual transformation as well as life force (Shakti). The second part of the body is the bliss aspect manifested as Heruka, in blue colored body.”

The costume designed by Manish Rai had ornaments by Vijay Maharjan as accessories.


It’s 2021 but the 69th edition of the competition will be marked as Miss Universe 2020 as the event could not take place last year due to the pandemic. Even the organizers of the franchise in Nepal, Brave Bold Beautiful, held the auditions and few rounds digitally before the finale took place in Kathmandu in December last year.

Anshika Sharma is the reigning Miss Universe Nepal and she is currently in Florida taking part in various events before the big finale on May 16th (the morning of 17th in Nepal).

For her National Costume round, Anshika pulled off a costume inspired by the mountains and mountaineers — a collaborative work of Bina Ghale, Nepal Innovation Center, Everest Outfit, Rajesh Shakya, Abhijeet Prajpati and Gautam Shrestha.

The costume was meant to “take the mountains to the world”.

Anshika has been going strong in the competition so far and has nailed her NatCos and prelims. She surely has the attention of the pageant experts and fans around the world; and Nepal is hoping she brings home the first ever major pageant title.

You go, girl!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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