CRMNL: VTEN’s New Song Proves He Doesn’t Give a Shit!

Oh, so you’ve got an opinion about VTEN’s music and his lifestyle? Breaking News: He doesn’t give a shit about it (even if you’ve got a uniform). Ahem!

The rapper has been arrested multiple times for the songs he has dropped ‘cos apparently, they are bad for the society. Yeah, sure. An artist doing his thing, doing what he does best, is an offence. I ain’t got nothing to say. I know his songs aren’t the kind that you play during the family gatherings; so go ahead and play those “lok geet” that are as clean and sacred as gangajal these days.

I am sure many would have quit already if they went through what this guy did but this dude’s something else, man. He just won’t give up and he won’t really write stuff that they want him to; he would write and rap about things he likes and feels. Do what you’re gonna do about it.

His latest is called CRMNL and he is at it again. Sure, he has toned down the language a bit but he isn’t hesitating to drop the M bombs and he wouldn’t stop involving the cops. “Thaha thiyena malai ta kehi, ramailo gari raathe, samatyo prahari le, tehi pani lakheti lakheti lakheti lakheti“, that’s the hook. Not kidding, for real.

Written and performed by VTEN himself, the beat for the song is produced by Bobby Beatz. Aeezy has mixed and mastered the track that has a music video done by Team Jholey.

Say what you wanna say but it’s a fun song with a pretty hip music video.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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