New Music: Nasty, DJ Bishow, Neetesh JK, Vyoma, Asmita Adhikari & More

Testing….. 1… 2… 3… testing 1…2… Is this thing working? It’s been so long I’ve kinda forgot how this works. Seriously though, I haven’t written in forever and it’s the longest I’ve gone without posting something. You ask why? I got hit so hard by this pandemic, I became homeless, had to sell my laptop and had no internet connection as I’ve been living under this bridge. I had to rob…. err, I mean, had to borrow a smartphone from a stranger and looked for some good music that has came out recently; and I remembered, “I think I owned a blog a few decades ago, I wonder if it’s still there”, and well, here I am, writing on this stolen…. um, borrowed cellphone.

So, let’s see what we’ve got before the cops arrive.

Neetesh Jung Kunwar – Frustoo

For some reason, Neetesh Jung Kunwar came up with a brand new YouTube channel that premiered his song ‘Rebirth’ featuring Uniq Poet on the first day of 2021. The singer-songwriter still has his old YouTube channel running that has over 650k subscribers and all of his previous songs; and the new one, too, is already going strong with over 80k subs after releasing three new songs in last three months. His latest is called ‘Frustoo’. The fun song has a pretty cool music video, directed by Shayuj Pokhrel and Ajay Thapa Magar.

Uday Raj Poudel – Kathmandu Bazar

It always becomes a good day when a Sabin Karki music video is dropped. He has this charm that automatically makes you smile. The former Cartoonz Crew frontman-dancer is the Uday Chopra from Dhoom in his new video, if you know what I mean. The song’s called ‘Kathmandu Bazar’ and it’s a work of Uday Raj Poudel.

DJ Bishow – K Ho?

Remember the good ol’ days when DJs like DJ Raju and DJ Santosh collaborated with artistes to give us some of the most memorable tracks in the early and mid 2000s? Well, DJ Bishow is bringing the trend back and what’s even better is that he is doing all the originals unlike the remixes back in the day. Having collaborated with the likes of Young Lama, VTEN, VEK and Yabesh Thapa already; his latest song brings together Jxxded and Nawaj Ansari together to give us yet another banger. The song comes with a hip music video that’s like so good, so good!

Vyoma x Paradox – Delhi to Butwal

Our boy Vyoma, who made it big with ‘Dhaka Dhoti’, has constantly been hustlin’. For his latest, he has collaborated with a Delhi rapper Paradox to drop a Nepali-Hindi rap track. The song’s titled ‘Delhi to Butwal’, and it’s produced by Layzy and Ishtag.

Nasty – Novocaine

Nasty be puttin’ out more tracks than there are versions of Phulbutte Sari every freakin’ month. I mean, Eye Crown (which was formerly Chokhache Records) — the YouTube channel that has been mostly dropping the works of Nasty, Grizzle, Brhymin and V$X — has over 100 releases in less than one year. Crazyy! And these guys are not even compromising with the quality of their work even while producing that kind of quantity.

Nasty’s latest solo ‘Novocaine’ is out now and it looks like the rapper-producer is never gonna stop doin’ what he does best.

Shailu Rai – Lamo Sash

Need something soothing? Shailu Rai is here for rescue with his new work called ‘Lamo Sash’.

Karnesh Rajthala – Basant Sishir

This song sorta just dropped while I was writing this and I dig it. A work of ArtMandu, ‘Basant Sishir’ is written and composed by Hem Thami; while it’s sung by Karnesh Rajthala. It has a music video directed by Navin Bhatt that is set during the maoist insurgency and stars Roshni Karki and Sandeep Shrestha in the lead roles.

Zanak Tamrakar x Asmita Adhikari – Maya Ho

You might remember Zanak Tamrakar for his mashup/cover called ‘Kafal Kamla’ and his Voice of Nepal stint; and Asmita Adhikari, well she is the rising star. The Nepal Idol finalist has been giving back to back hits lately. The two’s new duet is called ‘Maya Ho’, written and composed by Mahesh Tamrakar. The music video directed by Nikesh Khadka stars Najir Husen and Riyasha Dahal.

ASM – Samay Ko Bato

And at last but not least — ASM, y’all. These guys are awesome.

Well, that’s it for now. I will see you guys in 2026. Until then, keep yourselves safe!


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