Remixed: Nyano Ghar, Najeek, Phutki Jaane, Mari Jau, Lakhau Hajarau & More

Nothing beats an original. Period.

But if you sometimes wonder how a well remixed version of your recent favorite song might sound like, I might have some recommendations.

Sajjan Raj Vaidya – Phutki Jaane Jovan

The latest Sajjan Raj Vaidya hit gets a remix by STMG.

This other remix by Blue Shade is cool too.

Bartika Eam Rai – Najeek

Bartika, y’all. Here’s Najeek, remixed by Blue Shade.

Bikki Gurung – Mari Jaun

Your favorite Bikki Gurung song ‘Mari Jaun’, remixed by Trap Dhaphe.

Salil x Nikesh Y Acharya – Chitta Bujhaunu

This remix of ‘Chitta Bujhaunu’ is my favorite on this list. Great job, NghtFlwr.

Yabesh Thapa – Lakhau Hajarau

A lo-fi remix of Lakhau Hajarau, done by Blue Shade.

Or this other version by Trap Dhaphe. The choice is yours.

Arthur Gunn – Nyano Ghar

Our boy Dibesh Pokharel’s ‘Nyano Ghar’, remixed by Trap Dhaphe.

You gotta check this remix to Ankita Pun’s cover as well, a work of Santos.

Sushant KC – Gulabi

Another one by Trap Dhaphe, Sushant KC’s ‘Gulabi’.

Sajjan Raj Vaidya – Hataarindai Bataasindai

The beautiful song gets a Billije remix.

Tunna Bell Thapa – Bujhne Lai

Bujhne Lai, done by NghtFlwr.

Oasis Thapa – Juni Vari Lai

NightFlwr does it again.

Albatross – Nischal

Saurab Gurung makes ‘Nischal’ sound so different.

Almoda – Nyasro

De Mash remixes ‘Nyasro’.

Y’all made it till here? I hope you played them all. Blast your speakers and let your neighbors know you’re home. Enjoy.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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