Music Video Directed By Nepali Teen Hits 200 Million Views on YouTube

While a lot of 12th graders might have been rejoicing that they didn’t have to appear for the exams this year, the reason is completely different for this 12th grader that I am talking about.

Nishan Bhujel just reached a milestone on YouTube that no other Nepali filmmaker has enjoyed so far. A music video shot, edited and directed by him has hit 200 million views on the video-sharing platform.

The music video for Emiway Bantai’s ‘Firse Machayenge’ that was released earlier this year in February is also the Mumbai rapper’s first song to accomplish the feat.

The 17-year-old from Kathmandu had the opportunity to direct Emiway’s music video for ‘Checkmate’ when he was in the Nepali capital for a gig. Nishan, who already had directed a number of music videos for prominent Nepali rappers like 5:55 and Manas Ghale, tried his luck by emailing Emiway to cover his event but got the opportunity to do his music video instead. The two have collaborated on a number of music videos since then including ‘Sab Kuch New’ and ‘No Brands.’

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We just hit 200 Milli views organically 🍃 on Firse Machayenge Thank you god 🤲🏽 Thank you Bantai ki public my people ap log ka pyaar is everything i have got the best fans in this world i love you all ♥️Puri zindagi inshallah aplog ko music 🎵 deta rahunga and yes thank you legend hit producer @tonyjames7670 without your music public ko nachana mushkil hai bhai respect tony ♥️🙏🏽 and yes i wanna thank beautiful 🌸 super talented and amazing person @swaalina you are a super star 💫 lot’s of love to you without you firse machana mushkil tha ♥️ and my brother @nishanbhujel_ you did a great job you are super talented and damn killing it in super young age way to go brother thank you for the hard work respect ♥️🙏🏽 @minta_shudhkala @sumit_singh_bantai @invaid420 mere bhai log ♥️🙏🏽 tum log ko jitna thank you bolu utna kam m proud of my team mere bhai log ke bina mei kuch ni hu m thankfull to have you all in my life and @smad_bro first time you worked with us it was fun you are super talented 👊🏽 even you were a important person in this shoot and you clicked one of my best picture in my whole life thank you bruh ♥️🙏🏽 sab milte jaldi and firse machate after lockdown 🔥 can’t wait to work with you all soon 🔥Machate rahenge 🤟 🎉 #firsemachayenge #200M #organic #independent #music #rap #pop #hiphop #bantaiisland #peaceout

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Emiway took to Instagram earlier today to thank the people involved in the project. “my brother @nishanbhujel_ you did a great job you are super talented and damn killing it in super young age way to go brother thank you for the hard work respect ♥️🙏🏽”, he wrote.

“I still can’t process it in my head. This is one of the happiest moments of my life”, Nishan shared his happiness with NeoStuffs. “Definitely something I’ll be proud of for ages. I would say a very good start of my filmmaking journey. I’m more encouraged now.”

Currently in Kathmandu, Nishan plans to go to Mumbai to work on some more projects with the rapper when the situation gets better. Preparing for his Grade 12 board exams at the moment, his ultimate goal is to get in the film industry.

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