Take a Trip Down Memory Lane with Dr. Pilot’s ‘Sarkari Jagir’

Dude, I am telling you; the early and mid 2000s was the golden era of Nepali pop music. So many amazing artists gave us some of the most iconic songs that are still so close to our hearts. It’s a loss for millions of Nepali music lovers that many of those singers and musicians are now based abroad and aren’t much active anymore. How I wish they had the kind of opportunities at home that the artists from overseas enjoy. Let’s not even get into it for now as we have something to rejoice about.

After so many years, must be over a decade, we have Kranti Ale and his band, Dr. Pilot’s. While it’s not a new single but a version of their old hit, I am happy at least they’ve got us something.

‘Sarkari Jaagir’ was a massive hit back in the day with its music video starring one of the greatest Nepali actors, Sunil Thapa. Now, the boys have literally joined forces from all around the world to bring us the lockdown version of our favorite Dr. Pilots song.

With Kranti Ale in Southampton, UK; Uddhav Pradhan in Kathmandu; Ram Khanal in San Fransisco, USA; Janak Sunuwar and Janak Thapa in Texas, USA; Chit K Lama in Melbourne, Australia, NayaDin Thapa in Belgium, and Chhityz Thapa in New York, USA — this is surely one of the best examples of the saying “music has no boundaries.”

Here. Enjoy, fellas.

How lovely is this. Shower them with love, friends. Subscribe to their brand new YouTube Channel.

Also, how the hell is it possible that Kranti Ale hasn’t aged a day in fifteen years!!!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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