This EV Ad is Funny and Sad at the Same Time

In October 2018, PM KP Oli inaugurated the first five electric buses inducted by Sajha Yatayat. While he was at it, he announced a new action plan for electric vehicles that proposed to turn at least 20% of public vehicles into EVs by 2020. Well, it’s 2020 and the plan hasn’t really gone anywhere.

That’s fine. We get it. We are used to delays.

But nope, that was not enough. The new budget presented to Parliament last week on Thursday made it clear that the government isn’t really interested in promoting the EVS as steep hike in excise and customs duties were announced on those. From 10%, the excise tax on battery cars has been raised to 40-60%, with another 60% customs duty on top of that. It simply means you will have to pay almost double the price to own an EV in Nepal now.

Yeah, Jimmy. You read that right.

No wonder people are pissed.

TheeGo recently put out a sarcastic ad for its most economical model ‘e8’, announcing how the e-car that you could buy for 18,95,000 will cost you 30,90,000 after the ‘government discount’, and I am not sure how to react.



Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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