How Mountains Become Borders: 13-Minute Video Takes You To Nepal-China Border

In October, Vox premiered its new web series called ‘Borders’.

The six-episode documentary series has the Emmy-nominated producer Johnny Harris reporting from six borders around the world — telling us the stories from these places.

Along with the other five episodes that take us on a journey to the borders of The Dominican Republic and Haiti; North Korea and Japan; Svalbard and the North Pole; The United States, Mexico and Central America; and Spain and Morocco; one episode features the Nepal-China border.

To film the episode, Johnny traveled to Upper Mustang. “I journeyed to the Himalayas in Nepal to visit one community whose forebears came to this region 1,200 years ago, running away from the Tibetan Empire. They practice the Bรถn religion, a variant of Tibetan Buddhism”, he writes. “In the mountains, far from the reach of government, these communities intentionally evaded war, famine, taxes, kings, and subjugation.”

Watch the 13-minute episode here.

Such a beautifully-made informative episode. Impressive!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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