Model Varsha Thapa Releases Debut Single ‘Maaya’

Yep, she sings!

When a person, who we have known for doing some other stuff, get into music, the expectations aren’t really high; but well, sometimes they surprise us. Six years back, when Samriddhi Rai was yet to release ‘Biswas’, who would have thought the pageant queen would prove to be a wonderful singer-songwriter? Then in 2016, when Bartika Eam Rai released her first song ‘Khai’, it was immediately loved by everyone — giving the Miss Nepal US 2013 a new identity. Is something similar about to happen with Varsha Thapa?

The New York based supermodel had been teasing her fans on social media for quite some time now, and she has finally released her debut single. Varsha, who has walked for some prominent designers at some of the major fashion weeks, dropped the music video for ‘Maaya’ on her YouTube channel. With Rob Mastrianni and Diwas Gurung on guitars, Andrew Potenza on djembe, Madhulika Sharma on piano and Shyam Nepali on sarangi; the audio is produced by Diwas. The music video for the song written, composed and sung by Varsha is directed and edited by Sunil Gurung.

It’s actually a pretty good song. Here.

Varsha also has a band called Sita Virgin that performed its very first gig in New York in 2018.

Keep making good music, Varsha.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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