Finally A Music Video About Living Abroad That Celebrates Friendship

What comes to your mind when you think of a Nepali song that talks about living abroad? Probably a sad song that says how difficult it is working overseas, and how terribly the protagonist misses his country, home, family and love. Right? Well, it’s true with most of those songs.

Now, there’s finally a song that DOES NOT talk about these things, but instead, talks about friendship and how much the protagonist misses his childhood friend.

The song is called ‘Wariko Dandama Ma’ and it’s written, composed and sung by Anup Ojha. With Umesh Pandit on flute, Prince Nepali on sarangi and Babu R Maharjan on madal and percussion; the song is mixed, mastered and arranged by Pradeep Joshi.

Featuring the popular dance crew The Next, the music video is directed by the crew’s frontman Pradeep Lama. It also stars Sujan Pokhrel, Sameer Tamang, Deepson Pariyar and Nirmal Neupane along with the singer Anup Ojha himself, While the scenes in Nepal are shot by Anil K Manandhar, the parts in Sydney are shot by Sirujal Ever who has also edited the video.

Watch the video here.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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