Contenders 22: Aadeep Rana Knocks Out K1 Opponent In 35 Seconds (Video)

Aadeep Rana, on Saturday (February 17th), faced Bachir Fakhouri in the ring during the Contenders 22 Professional K1 4-Man Tournament at Epic Studios in Norwich, England.

Contenders is a platform that incorporates all major fighting disciplines – MMA, K1 kickboxing and boxing – into one show; making it one of a kind feast for the fans. The flights take place inside a championship-sized cage, one similar to that used in UFC.

Rana, who had beat Zeith Mon at Contenders 20, returned to the tournament and faced Fakhouri in a 70kg K1 fight. As the first round of the bout started; an aggressive Fakhouri – the former British GT K1 champion and undefeated world full contact Taekwondo champion – started attacking. It looked like he will give Rana a tough time in the ring. But quite surprisingly, just after 33 seconds; Rana’s powerful punch got him knocked out.

Watch the video for yourself to witness what exactly happened.

Originally from Laltipur, Rana moved to the UK in 2014. He has since then been training and competing in various tournaments in the region. He has won a number of competitions including Amateur European Kick Boxing, Southern Area K1 British Championship and International Sports Kick Boxing Association Championship, among others.

Go, Aadeep, Go!!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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