Bikki Gurung’s ‘Bholi’ EP Needs To Be On Your Playlist RIGHT NOW!

If you have been looking for a new talented artiste to listen to, Bikki Gurung is right here for you.

The New York based singer/songwriter released his EP on his birthday earlier this month – on February 14th. Titled ‘Bholi’, all the five songs from the EP have been written and performed by Bikki; while the music is composed by another talented artiste, Diwas Gurung.

The EP starts off with the title song, Bholi – a beautiful number reminding you to live for today, instead of just planning everything for tomorrow.

Then comes ‘Aakasha’, which makes you fall in love with your country all over again.

“Jaha gaye pani mero mann sandhai
Rahane chha Nepali,
Jaha gaye pani mero mann ma sadhai
Rahane chha mero desh Nepal

Aasha rakha, badline chha, hamro desh,
Chhune chha hai aakasha”

Marijau 2 – as the title suggests – is the sequel to Bikki’s 2016 hit ‘Marijau‘.

‘GhamPani’, the only song from the EP that has some English lyrics, is an upbeat “feel good” song that will instantly make you wanna groove.

For some reason; Bikki deleted this one, ‘Samjhana’, after some time he released the EP on YouTube – while leaving the other four songs live. His action kept the fans wondering why would he do that, as it was one of the most beautiful songs from the EP. They were in for a treat, when he released the song again after three days.

Some of the most beautiful Nepali music has come from the US in recent years – from Bartika Eam Rai, Jerusha Rai, Sajjan Raj Vaidya, Ankit Shrestha, Diwas Gurung, Wild+, and of course, Bikki Gurung, among others. This EP is another beautiful present for the Nepali music lovers from the region.

Absolutely amazing!

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Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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