These Are The Lyrics To DA 69’s New Song He Has Been Working On Right Now

Sudin Pokharel, more popularly known by his stage name DA 69, is likely to make a comeback soon.

The rap artist, who is currently based in Sydney, will be performing at a concert where he will be sharing the stage with Girish Khatiwada, aka Gorkhali G, after 15 years.


‘Ma Yesto Chu’, a song by Girish, Pranil and DA 69, is one of the most iconic rap collaborations in Nepali Hip Hop. The song was a part of Girish-Pranil’s album ‘Back Again’ that came out in 2000. They later worked together on an album called ‘Girish & The Unity’.

A couple of years later, in 2003, Girish left for the US for his further studies. A year after he returned in 2010, DA 69 moved to Australia — and hence, they couldn’t perform together for a long time. But finally, after all these years, their fans in Sydney will be able to witness this much awaited moment as they will be performing in Holi Mela & Food Fiesta event in Rockdale NSW on February 25th.

DA 69, who is part of the Hip Hop crew The Unity – along with rapper Aidray and singer Asif Shah – had released their last song together titled ‘Samjhana Aairahecha’ in September 2014. ‘Vyakaran of Rap’ was the last studio album that the group released in 2007. The 8-song album had hits like ‘Prem Ani Aago’, ‘Aaja Feri’, ‘Aba Aaudaina’, and ‘Hiu Bhanda Chiso (Remix)’.


The Unity (Aidray, DA 69, Asif Shah) in 2008

It’s been years since the ‘She is the Bomb’ hitmaker has been away from music; and looks like he is finally ready to make a comeback. In a recent interview with SBS, he said he is trying to make a comeback. “I think the gap is part of the life cycle of Nepali artistes. While they are doing good in music, there comes a time when they have to look after their responsibilities which get them busy. And after they succeed balancing life, they try and make a comeback. I am, too, trying to do that now.”

He also talked about the kind of songs he used to make back then, and the songs he wants to make now. “The songs back then used to be focused on the age that we were in. As I made more music slowly, I started getting matured myself as well. Now when I think of the people who were of that age back then, I think they must be now busy taking care of their responsibilities.┬áMy new songs will be more focused on those kind of themes.”

He even recited some lyrics to a new song that he has been working on at the moment, which goes like this:

“Bishwas bhanne shabda,
Kewal shabda ma hunna byavharma utare bancha,
Euta murdhanya shabda,
Hamro sambandha hoina euta kaancho dhago,
Ho yo baliyo gatho,
Jodincha, todinna”

He explained the song saying he is now married, and there are many ups and downs in a relationship – and he wants to tell what it’s like through the song.

So, when exactly will DA 69 drop a new song?

In his own words, “This is the YouTube generation, and I am from the television/radio generation. I am still trying to learn to manage and figure it out. And once I do, I will be back.”

Listen to the full interview here.

Courtesy of SBS

Can’t wait for the comeback!!


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