‘Kamal Ko Ful’ Music Video: The Most Beautiful Thing You’ll See On The Internet Today!

Don’t you just love it when you come across a song that makes you happy, genuinely happy? And before you know it, you are blushing, lost in the music.

‘Kamal Ko Ful’ is one of those songs that does wonders!

Written, composed and sung by Rijan Giri; the song has Sujan Gopali on khin, Merit Maharjan on percussions and Aarav Aaru Maharjan on flute. It also features Sirjana Karki on vocals. The track is mixed and mastered by Bajra Creation Records; and arranged by Kobid Bazra and Riken Maharjan.

“Sagar tari ma ghar aaula,
Maya mero timilai diula,
Astayeko chhaina ghaam,
Kuri basa hai chautarima”

The song talks about the feelings of a man who has decided to return home and not work abroad anymore. He has now realized what he has been missing in life, and is going home to live a life that he has been craving.

“Nepal desh mai karma garaula,
Khetala ni aafai banaula.
Ghaas baari ani gaai gothama,
Basi haami gobar sorauala”

The amazing song has an equally beautiful music video, thanks to Jazz Productions. Starring Aliza Neupane and Bidur Parajuli, the video is shot by Aneel Neupane; and directed and edited by Nibhal Bajracharya.

“Kamal Ko Ful is a musical attempt to inspire Nepalese youth to return to their motherland”, reads the description of the song.




Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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